SSH jump host

Jump hosts are extremely common to manage access to a specific network. A user/device is only able to connect to a certain network by passing through the jump host.

Keep in mind that the user of the jump host is not necessarily the same as the user of the destination.


Using a jump host with OpenSSH is very easy. The -J parameter can be used to specify a jump host:

ssh -J user@desitnation


The beloved rsync provides the command line option -e to specify a different remote shell:

rsync -avzh -e "ssh -J" /path/to/source root@destination:/path/to/destination


Although being old and and “officially” outdated, SCP is still around. SCP provides the -oProxyJump parameter to specify a jump host:

scp <files_to_copy> user@destination:<desitnation_path>
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